There Are Too Many Whiteboys, And Other Reasons Cosmo’s List Of “The Hottest NBA Players” Sucks

  • Sarah Devlin

Cosmopolitan crowd-sourced a list of the 30 hottest players in the NBA, asking their Twitter followers to send in their favorite players’ names. The list they came up with, frankly, sucks. Here are five reasons why:

1. Lack of Diversity

83% of players in the NBA are people of color, and 37% of the players on Cosmo’s list (11 out of 30) are white. Boo.

2. Unforgivable Oversights

Neither Serge Ibaka nor Al Horford, scientifically two of the hottest players in the NBA, made the list. What’s going on, Cosmo readers?

3. Meaningless Innuendo

Although some of the picks, like Goran Dragic, are eminently reasonable, Cosmo’s explanations for them are nonsensical. “This point guard isn’t afraid to get things done on the court.” I think that’s supposed to be an innuendo of some kind, which is unfortunate because it literally means nothing.

4. Boring Justifications

Obviously Cosmo is right to refer to Sundiata Gaines as “jacked,” but all NBA players basically are (sorry, Boris Diaw). They are professional athletes.

5. Kobe Bryant Is On This List

“When Kobe hits the court, we can’t stop staring.” Kobe Bryant and a mention of “court” on a list of bang-able professional athletes. Gooooood work, everybody.

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