Announcers Hilariously Freak Out In Closing Seconds Of Watford-Leicester Match

  • Rick Chandler

There have been plenty of TV broadcasters who have lost their shit at sporting events — here’s a notorious example — but none have done so in such crazed, mental fashion as to equal these guys. It happened after the final play of the Watford-Leicester match on Sunday, and you’re going to want to watch these over and over. Very amusing.

On Sunday we showed you the amazing sequence of events from the closing second of this match, but what you didn’t get to hear was BBC3’s Jon Marks going absolutely bonkers (above).

And now here’s Sky Sports’ Johnny Phillips, who is nearly as flabbergasted.

Watford won the Second Division playoff semifinal 3-1, and 3-2 on aggregate, advancing to the championship and winning a chance at the third and final Premier League promotion spot. Troy Deeney’s goal made it all possible, only 20 seconds after it looked like Leicester would score on a penalty kick. That kick was blocked, twice, by goalie Manuel Almunia, with the ball then going downfield and Deeney scoring on the final play.

Here’s another version in case the video above is pulled.

Meanwhile, this security guard was an impenetrable fortress as the crowd rushed the pitch:

“All is well! Remain calm!”