This Exists: Bleacher Report Publishes (Then Deletes) Slideshow On Japanese Tsunami

  • Dan Fogarty

First, a bit of context. Bleacher Report is a sports website that accepts pieces from all forms of amateur sportswriters. This means that they put out a ton of content and, thusly, have a ton of sway on search engines. They do very good traffic because of this.

Try Googling three hot topics in sports right now: odds are, Bleacher Report will be near the top of your search results in at least one of these searches (it’s worth pointing out that Google has taken measures to combat “content farms” like BR, although it still remains to be seen how effective those measures turn out to be).

But the flipside of having so much content is that they sometimes publish things that shouldn’t be published. Like this piece, which uses the tsunami in Japan as an excuse to publish a slideshow about “The Worst Natural Disasters In Sports.”

Here’s the lead-in to the slideshow.

Before I begin this list, let me state that my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan and to anyone this will affect in the future.

Here is a list of the worst natural disasters that affected sporting events.


Now, I don’t want to turn this into a “Bleacher Report is the end of all things good” post, because a blogger making fun of BR is like a comedian making fun of white people dancing; it’s been done before, and it’s too much of a go-to.

They’re taking measures to improve their editorial content, hopefully leading to a decrease in these types of posts. Also, everyone has written things that they’re not proud of. It happens when you have to publish 12-20 posts a day and maintain traffic levels.

But this one’s bad, even for Bleacher Report, and is worth pointing out because it egregiously capitalizes on something that has left a lot of people dead, hurt, or homeless.

UPDATE: The slideshow has been deleted. Thank God.