THIS JUST IN: Terry Bradshaw Doesn’t Want To F*&k Your Old, Ugly Ass Mother

  • Jake O'Donnell

Terry Bradshaw isn’t know for his, um, stateliness. That’s why it was such a terrible decision in the first place to roll the sound on that voyeur camera Fox Sports 1 has on the set of Fox Football Friday. Really, though, the trouble with live look-ins is that you catch adult males speaking to each other as if no one is watching. What makes this one worse, though, is that he was using the f-bomb as a verb. (It’s usually just an adjective or noun, which is way more harmless.)

In all honesty, we’re not sure why these kind of blunders don’t happen more often.

Oh wait, they do. (Maybe not this bad, but it embarrassing live look-ins on set are a total recipe for disaster and potential career-killer.) Remember: The camera is ALWAYS rolling.

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