Tiger Woods And Barack Obama Played Golf This Weekend. Let’s Imagine What It Looked Like.

  • Glenn Davis

Yesterday, Tiger Woods and Barack Obama played a round of golf together. The press was not granted any access to this round of golf. That made some people upset, given the Obama administration’s promise to be – and subsequent claims that it is – the most transparent in history. While a golf outing may seem a trifling thing to complain about in this context (as opposed to, say, this), we do get the irony.

Here’s the thing, though: it was a round of golf. There probably wasn’t much to see. Maybe there’d have been some novelty value in seeing Tiger and the president bronoodling, but that’s about it. If we’d gotten photos, they’d have likely been a disappointment. Probably just something like this (all bad photo illustrations – they are really bad this time, fair warning – in this post by SportsGrid):

See? Not that interesting. So maybe it’s best this was all left up to our imaginations. In our heads, the Tiger-Obama golf round can be anything we want it to be. It can feature multiple presidents:

It can feature some fancy headgear:

(You know we’ll never shy away from the chance to bring top hats into the mix.) It can feature two well-dressed guys just chillin’ (photo via):

But wait… what if the reason the media wasn’t allowed access is because the two were actually doing something super top secret and important?!?!?!

We’ll never know. And maybe – don’t worry, Glenn, we just mean this one time – it’s better that way.