VIDEO: Tiger Woods Spits On Golf Course, Announcer Indignant

  • Glenn Davis

The Big Lead points us in the direction of a clip from the final round of the Dubai Classic, in which Tiger Woods played himself out of contention with a dismal 75. At one point during this round, he spat on the green because, the announcers assumed, he was disgusted with his own performance. That might be true. The spitting could have also been for a different reason no one thought of. Apparently he’s getting fined for it. But one thing’s for sure: this announcer was not happy about it.

Highlights of the commentator rant:

“There are some parts of [Tiger] that are just arrogant and petulant. Somebody now has to…maybe putt over his spit. It doesn’t get much lower than that.”

Okay. I’ll plead ignorance on the effect spit lying on the green might have on the trajectory of a golf ball theoretically putted over it. But “it doesn’t get much lower than that?” Does it really not get much lower? Was this truly a gross enough breach of etiquette that it constitutes one of the “lowest” things anyone can do on a golf course?

Again, the biggest potential problem I see with the spitting is if it has the potential to mess up a putted ball. Beyond that – I guess it could be seen as a bit coarse, but…eh. TBL said that now “the media has their topic of discussion for Monday and Tuesday,” but it’s tough for me to see this as any more than a topic just controversial enough to act like it’s worthy of more outrage than it actually is.