Today In Famous Disgruntled Twitter Users: Piers Morgan

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

It wasn’t Cavs fans’ finest hour when their hot-headed reaction to LeBron James’ departure for Miami made airwaves. Jersey burnings. Grown men in tears. Basically this video. Hearkening back to July 2010 will help soccer-deficient Americans better understand what just happened in the EPL today, when 2011-12 leading scorer Robin van Persie jumped ship from Arsenal, his club since 2004, for Manchester United, because apparently it was more of a dick move than James’.

But don’t take my word for it — just read the tweets of CNN show host Piers Morgan.

Morgan, British journalist, host of CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight and Arsenal loyalist unleashed the football fanatic within Wednesday evening after van Persie signed with the Premiership’s own Evil Empire, Manchester United. Morgan is a serious newsman — the heir apparent to Larry King’s CNN spot — so van Persie’s departure must have twitched some nerve. A bloody giant nerve.

It was bad enough to prompt Morgan to call van Persie a “heartless, selfish little s**t.” LeBron didn’t even get that kind of blowback, at least not from someone so high-profile and belonging to an industry which requires such an unbiased, even-keeled approach as Morgan’s.

For some heightened perspective for an American audience, here are a few more of his best tweets. It’s only a very small sample size, so you need to read the rest for yourself. The dude is very, very pissed.

Yes. Just yes.

Don’t know what this means. Still hilarious.

This would have been funny coming from your friendly neighborhood Twitter troll. This is Piers Morgan. Puts “The Decision” to shame.

[photo via Getty]