Together, Anthony Davis And This Armenian Wrestler Have Two Eyebrows

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Earlier today, we shared the story of Team USA’s quest for Olympic basketball gold, as told through their Instagram snapshots. Well, there was one photo that fell through the cracks. This moment in time wasn’t particularly integral in the team’s gold medal effort, but it’s certainly worth sharing.

That’s Anthony Davis (you know him) and Gadzhimurad Nurmagomedov (you don’t know him) posing together in a moment of unibrowed glory. Nurmagomedov, an Armenian wrestler, ran into the American hoops stars in the Olympic Park and Kobe Bryant, ever the opportunist, snapped the pic of the caterpillar-donned doppelgangers. Truly an exciting moment in the world of people who apparently don’t own mirrors (just the rights to their eyebrows).

But that’s not all. Kobe posed the question: “Battle of the unibrow!!! Who wins???” It’s only fair that we give him an answer.

Right??? Right!!!

In terms of athletic prowess and accomplishment, Davis is well on his way. Naismith Player of the Year. NCAA Champion. First overall pick in the NBA draft. Olympic gold medalist. And that’s only in the last six months. I will also take this time and space to remind you he is only 19.

Nurmagomedov doesn’t quite stack up. He walked away from London without any hardware, and let’s face it, we’re comparing him to Anthony Davis. Not really a fair fight. But lo and behold, Nurmagomedov does seem to sport the one-brow look better than Davis. His is a unified, furry wonder as far as unibrows go. Davis’ is simply average. Call it genetics or commitment (or both), but Nurmagomedov has Anthony Davis beat.

We’re still just talking about eyebrows here.