And Now, Reports That Tony Parker Was Texting Ex-Teammate Brent Barry’s Wife

  • Glenn Davis

First, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria were getting divorced, then they weren’t, then they were again (for real this time, from the source). And boy, it did not take long for things to go seriously downhill from there.

People reported earlier today that Longoria spoke to Extra’s Mario Lopez, and revealed she’d found “hundreds of text messages” on Parker’s phone from another woman. That’s bad, but this is worse: the woman was the wife of a one-time Spurs teammate.

People said that “the woman’s identity wasn’t revealed nor was the name of the San Antonio Spurs teammate,” but that’s what Bryan Armen Graham of Sports Illustrated is for. A short time ago, he tweeted the following:

Have it on good authority from entertainment sources that “former teammate” in Tony Parker-Eva Longoria affair is Brent Barry.

That would make Erin Barry the woman in question. (The Barrys are also – surprise, surprise – going through a divorce.) This is Erin Barry. This is Erin Barry with Brent Barry. This is Erin Barry, Brent Barry, and their child. (Heartwarming.) This is Erin Barry, Brent Barry, Tony Parker, and Eva Longoria. (OK, that’s just uncomfortable.)

So in one day, we’ve gone from “they’re not getting divorced” to “not only are they getting divorced, but Longoria is already publicly sharing details why…and not only do the details involve a love triangle, they also tangentially involve the guy who once did this:”

…Quite a turnaround.

Photo via (@jose3030)