Mischievous Heat Player Pelts ESPN Reporter With Towels During LeBron Interview

  • Jake O'Donnell

Fact: You can’t win 24 straight games in the NBA without being accurate at throwing things. Mainly basketballs–sometimes towels, if need be. Want proof? Just watch this Fox Sports sideline reporter, who found himself in the clothesline of fire during and interview with LeBron, Wednesday night. Whoever this guy is, he clearly was psyched to get this interview after such a bizarre game, seeing as he took his sweet time asking LeBron some pretty long winded questions. Then somebody on the Heat had to go and rain on his parade, and embarrass him on live TV, by chucking a towel on his head. We agree. That totally “wasn’t necessary at all.” But it was funny. Whoever throw those towell please come forward so you can be congratulated reprimanded!