TSN, Canada’s ESPN, Made An NHL Parody Of The “Hangover,” And It’s A Perfect Example Of ESPN’s Flaws

  • Matt Rudnitsky

People complain about ESPN for simple, fixable, yet egregious flaws — mostly, it’s the insistence to cover Tim Tebow like he is an entire continent, and the sheer existence of Skip Bayless. TSN, Canada’s “eh”nswer to ESPN (see what I did there?), from what I can tell, is more widely praised than ESPN. Canadian SportsCentre seems like a zany time! TSN’s panel of hockey analysts recently had some fun, making a parody of The Hangover, re: the Los Angeles Kings and their Stanley Cup Hangover. It was quite comical, with eerie lookalikes to Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, as well as Anze Kopitar acting more poorly than anyone I have ever seen. And I watch Italian soccer on occasion.

If Skip Bayless didn’t take himself so damn seriously, a parody of I Love You, Man with Tebow might endear us to him, just a tiny bit.