Rory McIlroy Taunts U.S. Ryder Cup Team With His Properly-Functioning Rain Gear

  • Glenn Davis

After all the (overblown?) talk about Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, the big story of the beginning of Ryder Cup play was the U.S. team’s rain equipment…but Rory had a few words about that, too.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t say “equipment,” as this implies that on some level, the U.S. team was, well, equipped to deal with the rain that halted play early on. However, as Jay Busbee of Devil Ball Golf points out, this was sadly (and rather embarrassingly) not the case.

Rather, the U.S. rain gear sopped up the moisture so well that the team actually had to buy new equipment. Not the start the team probably envisioned, and McIlroy, that sly devil, couldn’t resist chiming in:

Just have to say our waterproofs are performing very well!

Since he apparently “had” to say that, we’ll give him a pass, but it’s likely no such free pass awaits the people of Sun Mountain, the company behind the U.S.’ under-performing attire. Busbee contacted Sun Mountain for comment, as did we, and we’ll update if we hear anything back. (He also noted that, as of this moment, Sun Mountain’s Twitter feed is silent on the matter.)

For now, though, we’ll leave you with a couple tidbits from golf blogger Stephanie Wei – first, that the U.S. team’s bags also succumbed to the conditions (more on that here), and second, this post, which included a link to this picture from Sun Mountain’s Facebook page:

…along with the caption:

Check out this photo from a Ryder Cup practice round. That’s a fine looking USA jacket. Weather will most likely be a factor at this year’s event. May the team with the best outerwear win.

One person replied, “looks like Europe then……” – to say nothing of the many comments accumulating under this photo. Safe to say, this is not a banner moment for U.S. golf and U.S. Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin.

You win this round, McIlroy.

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