UFC’s Intro To Fox Viewers Was Unbelievably Awkward

  • Timothy Burke

Lost amid the hubbub surrounding the announcement Fox had secured rights to air UFC matches was how unbelievably awkward that announcement ended up being. Host Joe Rogan is visibly uncomfortable throughout, there are significant audio failures, and the guests appear to be, in order of appearance:

* Texting
* Paranoid
* Itchy in this new “Fox Sports” T-Shirt
* Recently-awoken
* Smarmy
* Injured
* Murderous
* Jolly
* Uninformed as to how to properly knot a necktie

Somehow this whole scene has remained under the radar the past two weeks, but we’re happy to finally confront it now. The Fox executives appear so amazingly disinterested in the announcement, we can’t wait to see the enthusiasm with which they present the actual fighting.

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