Uh Oh, It Looks Like ESPN’s Craig James Is Mounting A Political Campaign

  • Dan Fogarty

Craig James is known for being a great college football player at SMU. He is also a member of the NFL’s unofficial white tailback hall of fame (as you would imagine, this hall of fame has very few members), and currently, he’s a college football analyst for ESPN.

James also recently made headlines for publicly feuding with his son’s football coach at Texas Tech, after he claimed the coach locked his son in an electrical closet. That was an interesting time.

Anyway, James, in addition to being a former player, current analyst, and participant in one of the more bizarre media feuds of 2010, is also an aspiring politician.

Last year, he considered a run for Senate in Texas, but it never happened. This year, though, he looks like he’s laying the groundwork for an election campaign.

James is the leader of an organization called “Texans for a Better America,” which earlier this week launched its website, along with a series of videos in which Mr. James, the pride of Jacksonville, Texas, looked quite Senatorial.

As Yahoo notes, nothing has been announced yet, but this very much looks like a website for someone who will be making a run at Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat.

From what we can tell, “Texans for a Better America” doesn’t outline its platform really, aside from standing for economic freedom and making some references to the importance of “hard work and personal responsibility.”

If James does indeed run, the most interesting thing about his campaign will be the microscope he’s put under. At ESPN, you’re already watched closely. But if you’re an ESPNer, and you’re running for office? James’ opponents will be looking for dirt, and they’ll be looking for it in Bristol. Also: I really hope he’s not the one who killed Rosie Larsen.

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