…And Now Fans In Vancouver Are Rioting Following The Canucks’ Stanley Cup Loss

  • Glenn Davis

UPDATE: More videos of the rioting can be found here.

The original post is below.

Remember that photo of an insanely long line outside a Vancouver liquor store before tonight’s Game 7 of the Staney Cup Finals? Remember how you just watched the Canucks lose that game, 4-0? Well, that picture (and many more scenes like it, we’d wager) plus that disappointing result combined to produce some ugly results in the streets.

It’s not a shock, but it’s always disappointing to see, and if you want to see it, here’s a link to a live stream. You’ll notice that…well, it’s a mess. Masses of humanity, smoke, fire, general disorder, and indeed, just generally people making asses of themselves. How bad is it, exactly? Um…this bad.

This is a dispiriting ending to an overall fantastic Canucks season that even featured a classy display from the fans in the arena (before the “Bettman sucks!” stuff, anyway) near the end of tonight’s losing effort. Unfortunately, that generosity of spirit used to cheer the losing home team didn’t extend outside. Again, here’s a live stream link.

Update: Watch this Canucks fan attempt to jump over a burning BMW (spoiler — he fails):

Update #2: They’re stealing Pringles!