Here Are More Vancouver Riot Videos, Because That Place Was Out Of Control

  • Glenn Davis

Shortly after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals ended last night, we noted the rioting going on in Vancouver, and pointed you to a link live streaming the madness. It was pretty clear from that stream that things got unruly.

Well, it was even worse than we realized. There are now plenty of on-the-ground videos documenting the madness, and it…was crazy. Like rioters-getting-hit-in-the-groin-with-concussion-missiles crazy:

Via The Big Lead, disturbing footage of: 1) rioters breaking store windows; 2) a guy trying to stop rioters from breaking store windows getting ganged up on and beaten. Obviously, this one’s not so much for the faint of heart, but thankfully it looks like the guy walked away – albeit with the help of two others.

Here’s a news report documenting more of the insanity:

And a car burning, because of course there’d be a burning car:

I was in Vancouver once – wasn’t old enough to appreciate it. I’ve heard many great things about what a lovely city it is. Most nights, that may be true. Last night, it gave itself a bad name, and considering what’s right out there on Youtube for people to see, it’s going to take a while to recover.