Vancouver Sun Front Page Openly Roots For The Canucks. We’re Okay With That.

  • Glenn Davis

Way back when (by that we mean April 17), the Vancouver Canucks held a commanding 3-0 lead on the Chicago Blackhawks in their first-round playoff series. Tonight, having let the Blackhawks take three in a row, Vancouver fights for its playoff life tonight in a deciding Game 7. And while you might expect a little homerism to creep in to the hometown paper with the season on the line, would you expect this?

All-out on objectivity“? Maybe, but the paper does note that the piece running below the headline is an editorial. Plus, if a newspaper is really supposed to capture the essence of its city…how could a headline do so more effectively, and succinctly, than that?

If anything, the issue is with the editorial itself, which we regret to inform you is pretty cheesy, with a lot of “show class whether we win or lose” and “don’t forget the Canucks had a great season even if they lose tonight”-type sentiments. We’re in favor of the headline, though – at some point, civic pride takes over,and there’s no doubt it will in Vancouver today.

Other notes on this front page: 1) The Sun’s motto is, “Seriously Westcoast Since 1912.” It’s hard not to love that; 2) Q: What’s the difference between the kid featured on the front page who designed a scale model of the royal wedding out of Legos, and the pafrticipants in the royal wedding? A: The kid did something to deserve his media coverage.

Photo via Newseum