Vanity Fair Publishes Creepy, Unenlightening Erin Andrews Interview

  • Glenn Davis

Erin Andrews is all over the news because: 1) her contract with ESPN is about to expire (though it looks like she’s going nowhere), and 2) well, she’s Erin Andrews. Vanity Fair took note of this Erin Andrews-ness and decided they had to talk to her. The result was interesting, insightful…

…just kidding, it was actually pretty weird and boorish. The first warning sign was when George Wayne, who conducted the interview, referred to Andrews’ father as her “stage daddy” (because he…also works in media?) It got worse from there.

There was a reference to Andrews’ “long spindly legs,” then a question about whether she has “man-size feet.” (Important work!) Then, there’s, um, this.

What is the one thing you take when feeling constipated?

There’s no point to this question other than to make things really weird and see what happens. What happened in this case was Andrews understandably declined to answer and expressed incredulity that they were interested in writing about this topic. She did go too easy on Wayne, however, by calling it only “kind of weird.”

He did then say she has “rebounded in astounding fashion” from the peephole video incident last year, then asked if there was “anything she would wish upon” the stalker who filmed it. Andrews declined to answer that one, too. While Wayne had to ask something about the incident, the previous question – plus framing this question in the context of revenge – destroyed any chance of him getting an answer.

He goes on to do really professional things like say, “what gets me to the vomitorium is that faux romance between you and that cheesy ballroom-dancing partner of yours,” and when Andrews asks if the writer actually knows the ballroom dancing partner in question, he responds:

I don’t need to know him to find him cheesy, honey.

“Honey?” Honey? Really? There was potential for a good interview here, but Wayne blew it by being deliberately weird and patronizing, for whatever reason. In fact, one can’t help but think of the Rolling Stone piece on Glee, where they asked Lea Michele if she pees in the shower because…well, still haven’t figured that one out.

Andrews herself tweeted that this interview felt like she was “being punked,” which is really pretty much true. Constipation questions couldn’t have been what she expected to get into, and hopefully George Wayne didn’t ruin it for any future (good) Andrews interviewers.

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