Yet More Evidence That Wally Backman Is Among The Best Profane Tirade Throwers In Baseball History (NSFW)

  • Glenn Davis

The South Georgia Peanuts, an independent league minor league baseball team, only existed for a year. Hell, the league they played in, the South Coast League, only existed for a year. But while the Peanuts’ lifespan was short, it was also action-packed. For one thing, they had a documentary series, Playing for Peanuts, made about them. For another, during their lone year of existence in 2007, they won the league – which makes sense, considering that based on their coaches, this must have been the most motivated baseball team of all time.

You know that curse-filled pitching coach rant we posted about last month? That was the Peanuts’ pitching coach, Buddy York. And the team’s manager that fateful year was none other than Wally Backman. Backman, the former Met currently managing the Mets’ Triple-A affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons, was currently working his way back up in managing after this happened, but the fire he’s famous for still raged. Want proof? Check out what he had to say one time he wasn’t happy with the Peanuts below, recently posted to Youtube as bonus Playing for Peanuts footage:

Maybe Wally Backman tantrums are a dime a dozen, but they never really get old, do they? The sheer number of Backman blowups is astounding – the fact that yet-unheard ones are still being released five years after the fact is all you need to know. And we still love all of them. All we can hope for now is for Backman to eventually become the Mets’ manager – and for him to showcase that legendary anger on a major league stage.

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