Washington Capitals Fans Chant “We Are Louder!”…And Get Last Laugh

  • Glenn Davis

Remember when Washington Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau said those mean things about Madison Square Garden, including that the fans weren’t that loud? If so, you probably remember how Rangers fans responded with a mocking chant of, “Can you hear us?”

Well, Caps fans fought right back. Yesterday during game 5 of the Capitals’ and Rangers’ first round playoff series, the Washington crowd defended its – and their coach’s – honor with a mocking chant of its own: “We are louder!” Were they? You decide:

Loudness debates aside, the Caps were indisputably one thing: victorious. They beat the Rangers 3-1 yesterday, clinching the series in five games. Hopefully, Rangers fans spend the summer thinking of a comeback of their own.