Watch A Sneak Preview Of The New 30 For 30 Film, Broke

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Do you like it when athletes blow through their fat paychecks like it’s their last day on Earth? Do you like ESPN’s 30 For 30 series? Of course you do. Now watch a clip from the brand new 30 For 30 film, Broke, which is directed by Billy Corben and premieres tomorrow at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the film, just in case you couldn’t glean it from that depressing/wonderful clip:

Broke explores the roads to fortune in American sports and eventually, the many detours to bankruptcy. Bernie Kosar, Andre Rison and Cliff Floyd are among the athletes who talk openly about the challenges of managing their money in an era when big contracts don’t necessarily support bigger lifestyles. Sucked into bad investments, stalked by freeloaders and saddled with medical problems, many pro athletes get shocked by harsh economic realities after years of living the high life. A story of the dark side of success, Broke is an allegory for the financial woes haunting economies and individuals all over the world.

Feel that schadenfreude seep through your veins and do well by yourself by watching this movie in its entirety tomorrow night. And don’t fret when it’s over, because there’ll be a new 30 For 30 every Tuesday in October! And they’ll all be available on iTunes! And athletes making poor financial decisions!