Watch Jenn Sterger Take Shots At ESPN’s Hot Blondes

  • Ben Axelrod

In case you were wondering what Jenn Sterger‘s been up to since her 15 minutes of fame, she’s apparently hosting something called The Hottie Index on

On the heels of ESPN’s hiring of Charissa Thompson, Sterger took shots at The Worldwide Leader’s habit of hiring attractive females with blonde hair in her latest five minute long attempt at comedy and relevance.

Sterger then moved on to ESPN sideline reporter Jenn Brown, making some weird analogy about a dog licking its own behind or something.

You can watch the jeaously-filled segment and downward spiral of Sterger’s career here.

Apparently Sterger has delusions that her not being at ESPN has more to do with the color of her hair than it does her awkward delivery.

[H/T Fang’s Bites]