WATCH: LeBron James Chooses The Miami Heat

  • Dan Fogarty

LeBron James has made his decision: he’ll be playing for the Miami Heat.

The decision comes after months years of speculation regarding his whereabouts, which reached a fever pitch in the last few weeks with different sources reporting he’d go to Miami, the Knicks, the Nets, the Bulls, or Cleveland at different times.

The decision to buy an hour of television time to broadcast his decision came under heavy fire. Some say the hour-long special, ominously titled “The Decision,” is proof of James’ out-of-control ego. Others said that the spectacle was a natural product of the insane amount of media attention surrounding James’ signing.

ESPN dragged out “The Decision” as much as they could (as is usually the case when a five second soundbite is all that matters in an hour-long program) going so far as to show photoshopped images of James in different uniforms, a tactic usually employed by hypothesizing sports bloggers. Stuart Scott anchored the program, with Jon Barry, Michael Wilbon, and Chris Broussard all chiming in with analysis.

Finally, the moment came when LeBron actually had to choose his team. James was interviewed by the controversial Jim Gray (who maintains that he orchestrated the special). Watch the announcement below; the exact moment when millions of hearts break in Cleveland is at the 5:15 mark.