WATCH: Michelle Beadle’s Letterman Interview, Red Dress Included

  • Dan Fogarty

Michelle Beadle went on the “Late Show” with David Letterman last night, and, according to fellow ESPNer Jenn Brown, “looked smokin’ and rocked it.”

After the internet once again went nuts over Beadle’s red dress, she sat down with Letterman to discuss her current living situation (Hartford… womp womp), Colin Cowherd‘s dorkiness, and things of that nature.

So, did no one in Letterman’s audience know who Beadle was, as SB Nation’s Andy Hutchins proclaimed? Probably not. But at least now they do! Add a studio full of older Midwestern tourists to the growing movement that is Beadlemania.

Partial video here, complete with sprawling web address. Expect full video of the interview a little later today. Also, just throwing this out there – I’m pretty sure Letterman was feeling Beadle. Not sure why, just got that vibe.