Watch Modern Family Actor Eric Stonestreet Start A Fight At A Dodgers Game And Get Escorted From His Seats

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Eric Stonestreet is best known for his portrayal as lovable uncle Cam on two-time Emmy winning Modern Family. In real life, Stonestreet is substantially less lovable, especially when he starts picking fights at his beloved Dodgers game with a Cardinals fan. OK, so I’m sure Stonestreet is a very nice man, but that didn’t stop security from escorting him from his seats after he picked a few words with some fans of the away team.

Don’t ever say the bleachers and the nosebleeds are where the real fans sit, because Eric does a pretty damn convincing job in this video shot by an onlooking fan proving the cushy seats house some pretty passionate fans themselves. First reports said Eric was kicked out of the game indefinitely, but according to TMZ, he cleared the air and said he was later allowed to return to his seats, which lucky for him, the Dodgers owned the night at Chavez Ravine, defeating the Redbirds in walk-off fashion.

I say, good for Stonestreet. He showed a lot more fight than his Dodgers left have in them, who are a whopping 7.5 games out of first in the NL West (when did that even happen?). Stonestreet knows a thing or two about verbal warfare — his MF cast was entrenched in a testy contract dispute not too long ago. I don’t know if the execs at ABC are Cardinals fans, but clearly Eric has already trained himself in the art of verbal spat.