Watch This 90-Year-Old Pole Vaulter Jump Seven Feet And Make You Feel Terrible About Yourself

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Track and Field events in London don’t start for another few days, so here’s something cool to hold you over until the flagship sport of the Olympics’ second week begins. This is 90-year-old Dr. William Bell. He’s the world record holder for pole vaulters in his age group and he’s about to make you feel incredibly shitty about your physique.

You just watched a 90-year-old man use a pole to jump the equivalent of Dikembe Mutombo. Soak it in. And not surprisingly, Dr. Bell isn’t the only pole vaulter in the family — his son Earl is a former Olympic medalist and an inductee of the USATF National Track and Field Hall of Fame.

Kudos to Bell, who at 90 still trains at his son’s gym three times a week. Maybe Rio 2016 is in the cards. Then again, probably not.