WATCH: Yeah, It’s Another Insane Japanese Baseball Catch

  • Glenn Davis

Remember the crazy catch made by Hiroshima Carp outfielder Masato Akamatsu that robbed the Yokohama BayStars of a home run earlier this month? Well, how about another crazy catch by a Hiroshima Carp outfielder robbing the Yokohama BayStars of a home run? Thanks to the Carp’s Amaya Souichirou, we’ve been given just that.

The especially crazy thing: not only was this the Carp against the BayStars again, not only was this in the same stadium as the last amazing catch…but it even happened while the same pitcher (Saitou Yuki) was on the mound. Saitou is either extraordinarily lucky with this kind of thing, or his presence grants his outfielders magical powers. (We’ll go with the latter.)

The first time I watched this new catch, the video was playing choppily (don’t worry, the quality is fine, as you’ll see below), and it skipped through the actual catch…but then it started playing again, I saw Amaya standing on top of the wall, and knew this had to be one spectacular catch. It did not disappoint. See for yourself:

H/T Deadspin, Big League Stew