What Athletes Are Saying About The Newtown School Shooting

  • SportsGrid

As you most likely know by know, a gunman killed 26 people during a mass school shooting in Newtown, Ct. 20 of the victims were children between the ages of 5 and 10.

The nature of the crime inspired some strong comments from otherwise guarded athletes. If you’re a member of the “I don’t care what an athlete has to say on unspeakable tragedies or important social issues” camp, now’s the time to turn away. And that’s fine if you are: these are people who are paid to play sports, after all, and maybe playing sports is all you want to see them do.

There are others, though, who do care what people they’ve never met, but still feel a connection with, think about something as profoundly terrifying as the mass murder of innocent children in a U.S. school. Some of their opinions are elegant (Dwyane Wade), some are angry (Shaun Phillips), and all, on the surface, seem heartfelt.