What The Hell Is A Ref Cam?

  • Jake O'Donnell

Over the course of history, several inventions that have dramatically altered every facet of human life. The automobile, the refrigerator, this thing called “The INterNet?” Behold, the next step in human evolution: The Ref Cam.

The concept is pretty simple: Strap a GoPro on a official’s head and just let em loose. Then you can see how frequently they look at coaches yelling at them, completely miss a play, or shake their heads in disappointment causing the viewer to vomit uncontrollably. Debuting today during ESPN’s broadcast of the Phoenix Mercury and Indiana Fever, Ref Cam represents a pivotal moment in dumb-shit-networks-do-to-get-publicity. Thank you, WNBA.

It’s actually not as terrible an idea as it seems. Despite having to wear a battery vest and humiliating camera mask that serves to second guess their every move…wait, that’s a terrible idea. Almost as bad as FoxTrax…