This Is What It Looks Like When Wheelchair Basketball Fans Erupt In A Huge Brawl

  • Glenn Davis

Sometimes, there’s not a whole lot we can add to a story besides saying, “Just watch the video.” This, as you might have gathered, is such a time. Recently, at a wheelchair basketball game in Turkey between two heated rivals, some fans started brawling. And then they didn’t stop. They didn’t stop when players and coaches pleaded with them to stop. They didn’t stop when they started destroying wheelchairs on the sidelines. We’d say they stopped when police showed up with tear gas… but that seems only to have changed the location of the brawling. So, uh, just watch the video:

There were several reported injuries, and at least 10 reported arrests. If we could paraphrase SpongeBob’s great friend Patrick Star for a moment, if we could find the jerks who started this fighting, we’d have a few choice words for them. Like “You,” and “are,” and, “a jerk!” Next to this, throwing peanuts is child’s play.

[Busted Coverage via TBL]