When Ernie Johnson Misses Inside The NBA, The World Is Thrown Into Chaos

  • Dan Fogarty

Last night, Ernie Johnson, the host of TNT’s award-winning NBA pre- and post-game show Inside the NBA, wasn’t there. Johnson was attending the Sports Emmys, and in his place was a stand-in: Matt Winer, a perfectly capable former ESPNer and current host on NBA TV.

Here’s a quick sampling of the reaction on Twitter.

This guy who’s not Ernie Johnson literally is not saying anything. Chuck and Ernie and C-Webb need moderation in this basketball forum, yo!

Man where is Ernie Johnson? This guy messin up the chemistry

Where was Ernie Johnson tonight on Inside The NBA?


NBA on TNT minus Ernie Johnson is like Franklin & Bash without Franklin & Bash.

I miss Ernie Johnson he knows how to control the guys in the studio.. right now it’s like the male version of The View…

And, finally:

Where the fuck is Ernie Johnson??

Clearly, Johnson’s ability to brave forward as Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith attempt to talk over him is one of the most undervalued assets in sports media.