Will Ferrell: Still Making Weird Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Commercials That Air Only In A Couple Tiny Markets

  • Glenn Davis

Last year, one of the best-received Super Bowl commercials was one hardly anybody saw during the game. That’s because Will Ferrell shot an ad for Old Milwaukee beer (well, several, actually, but only one that aired during the Super Bowl) that aired only in the North Platte, Nebraska TV market, the second-smallest nationally. However, the ad made such a splash once everyone realized what Ferrell had done that an audience that initially numbered in the low thousands became millions on the internet, and probably created more positive recognition for Old Milwaukee than any other ad of the night did for its product.

Clearly, the folks at Old Milwaukee were happy with how things turned out – because they partnered with Ferrell again this year. And they set their sights higher this time – the ad aired in three tiny TV markets instead of just one. Those markets, according to Reddit: Sherman, Texas (Sherman population: 38,521), Ardmore, Oklahoma (population of the Ardmore micropolitan statistical area: 57,482), and Glendive, Montana (Glendive population: 4,935). And this ad was weirder than last year’s version. See just how weird below:

Given the Asian woman and Chinese song, one could be forgiven for thinking the entire ad would have something to do with, you know, Chinese culture. But then Ferrell and his supremely creepy mustache (it’s for a role, right? Please tell us it’s for a role) arrive and turn things upside down. It’s like this (for the uncomfortable kiss) and this, but with the uncomfortable kiss played for pure nonsense.

And once again, it worked. Look at everyone talking about it. If we’re heading down a road of Will Ferrell making Old Milwaukee ads that have less and less to do with Old Milwaukee every year, sign us up. It may never reach Tim & Eric Absolut territory, but we’re headed toward a level of weirdness not everyone can handle, we think. Bring it on – and maybe invite Canseco next year.