Will Ferrell Interviewed During Spanish-Speaking Soccer Telecast, Apparently Does Not Speak Much Spanish

  • Glenn Davis

Will Ferrell’s been part of a few good sports stunts in the last month. There was the Super Bowl ad that only aired in one market in Nebraska. There were those pregame intros for the Bulls. And now, via Spanish-language telecast of a Colombia-Mexico soccer match on Univision, we have him getting interviewed in Spanish… and not even pretending to know what’s going on (or maybe pretending not to know what’s going on?):

Well, if you don’t understand what you’re being asked, there are worse things you can do than simply repeating the name of striker Chicharito, one of Mexico’s top players. And if you’re wondering what Ferrell was doing there to begin with, he was promoting his upcoming movie Casa de mi Padre. If Ferrell’s role in it consists of anything other than interjecting with “Chicharito” when other people speak Spanish, might we suggest a re-shoot for all of his scenes?

[Dirty Tackle]