This Is What It Looks Like When An Ice Skate Slashes Your Neck (Photo)

  • Glenn Davis

Hockey’s a rough-and-tumble game, but sometimes the sport’s greatest danger comes from one of its most fundamental components – ice skates. Will Weber, who plays for Miami University (Oh.), recently learned this the hard way.

Here’s the Gaylord Herald Times on the incident:

During the first period of the RedHawks’ 9-1 victory against Northern Michigan Saturday night, Weber suffered a laceration to his neck and extensive bleeding from a skate, forcing the game to be delayed. Weber was taken to the local hospital and then transported to nearby Cincinnati for surgery. Weber said he had 100 stitches on the inside and 15 staples on the outside of his neck.

Weber goes on to say that the skate “nicked an artery.” We’re not sure about you, but using an innocuous-sounding term like “nicked” about an artery opening…well, maybe that’s the personality you need for hockey. And we know you’re waiting on that larger photo of what Weber looked like after he got all those stitches and staples, so here you go (be warned, this is not for the squeamish):


…but yeah, we’d imagine a skate to the neck (thankfully, we wouldn’t know from experience) would do something along those lines. Weber’s teammate Justin Vaive tweeted that image, along with the message, “Will Weber typical night 100 stitches, 15 staples, and a triple meat burrito to cap it off[.]” One of those things sounds delicious. The other two – not so much.

Thankfully, Vaive said Weber is currently doing much better, and it’s fortunate that he is, after an injury that bad. And again…that picture. Ugh.

[H/T Angela Ruggiero/Katie Baker]