Wilmer Valderrama Is The Greatest Stealth Pimp Of Our Time

  • Sarah Devlin

Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly used to date Derek Jeter. Cute, right?

Unfortunately, in the wake of their split, Kelly is going down the same sad road traveled by many young and beautiful actresses before her.

I am, of course, referring to dating Wilmer Valderrama.

What is it about this guy? According to The New York Post Kelly and Valderrama are making out all over Australia right now:

Valderrama even posted a picture of the couple with friends on his Twitter account yesterday.
“Homies & Homiettes boat cruising in #Sydney,” he wrote of what appeared to be a cellphone self-portrait.


In light of this new evidence, the only available conclusion is that Wilmer Valderrama is the greatest stealth Casanova of the 21st century. Here are a few of the ladies Valderrama has been linked to in the last decade:

Mandy Moore

Lindsay Lohan

Ashlee Simpson

Demi Lovato

And now…

Minka Kelly

This, despite the fact that Wilmer’s favorite thing (besides dating young, beautiful actresses) is apparently telling Howard Stern about all the sex he has with them. Do none of these girls have a good friend who can secretly delete his number from their phones? Or access to the internet? Be careful out there, Minka Kelly.

[Photos via Getty, The Superficial, Splash News Online]