My, How ESPN’s Woody Paige Has Changed Over The Years

  • Glenn Davis

Yes, that’s really Woody Paige in both pictures. That headshot on the right depicts the oft-mocked Around the Horn panelist/Denver Post columnist who does things like talk to mechanical parrots and generally make a lot of weird faces, back in 1976. This gem comes to us via the Tumblr for Sporting News, which employed a young Paige to cover the soon-to-be defunct ABA.

And as it’s plain to see, Paige has changed a lot since America’s bicentennial. I mean, really, he used to go by Woodrow! (Appearance-wise, no difference, obviously.) The Sporting News Tumblr “hope[s] that some “Around the Horn” panelist decides to take this into battle.” Pretty safe bet, we think.

[h/t Bomani Jones/Chris Littmann]