Here’s How A Few People In The Sports World Mocked The Apocalypse That Wasn’t

  • Glenn Davis

Well, it’s December 21, 2012, and the world’s not over. Don’t get us wrong, we can’t truly know we’re safe until it’s officially the 22nd in all parts of the world, but as of right now we’re optimistic that humanity will live to see another day… as are the people from the sports world (or not, in one case) whose reactions we’ve collected below. A rudimentary Twitter scanning didn’t turn up as many athlete reactions as we thought it might – must be because of how athletes think they’re invincible and safe from even the GRAVEST THREATS to our world. Anyway. How excited were athletes to survive the latest apocalypse? Take it away, Oscar:

Inspiring. What about you, different prominent athlete named Oscar?

Well, won’t he look silly if the apocalypse still happens. If there’s any record of humanity left, that is. And speaking of athletes getting mighty confident that they were on safe ground…

Even the end of the world was not powerful enough to slow you down, Nole. Not everyone’s happy, though. For example, this bodybuilder dude is raging and wants the Mayans to COME AT HIM, BROS:

And… that was really about it. Again, much less than we’d anticipated – it’s almost like the end of the world wasn’t actually something worth worrying about, or something. So we’ll finish things off with a tweet that’s not by anyone in sports, but stuck out to us when we came across it during our search. Why? Well…

Jeez, way to bring down the mood, man.

Apocalypse photo by Pierre Massine