You Can Buy The Old ESPN SportsCenter Desk On eBay… Seriously

  • Zach Berger

You may have noticed that ESPN has moved its flagship show, SportsCenter, into what looks to be a spaceship. What you probably haven’t noticed is that The V Foundation (named after Jimmy Valvano) is auctioning off the old SportsCenter desk as part of its annual auction ahead of The ESPYs.

The desk is among a group of items up for bid on eBay with four days remaining on the auction. As of publishing time on this post, the current bid was $2,025.00. I have a feeling that it will get a whole lot higher by July 16 when the auction ends, with 100 percent of proceeds going to charity.

There are a lot of great options ot bid on if the desk doesn’t float your boat. A chance to watch a Mavs game with Mark Cuban is up to $25,100.00. You can play catch with Steve Young, go to the Monday Night Football game of your choice, and go behind the scenes on Sunday NFL CountDown for the low price of $6,643.21 and rising! Spend a day with Mike & Mike in Bristol if you want. Get in on a fantasy football league and draft your team in person with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Matthew Berry.

There are 262 items and experiences up for auction and they all benefit charity. Here they are.