Your Obligatory 2015 News Blooper Reel Has Arrived

Your Obligatory 2015 News Blooper Reel Has Arrived
  • Jake O'Donnell

Listen, we know New Years comes after Christmas — our Palm Pilot calendar tells us this much — we just don’t see what’s wrong with indulging in a little 2015 retrospective halfway through December. The last 360-some-odd days have been a nightmare for most of us — human, animal, vegetable, mineral, etc. — and it’s a miracle the planet hasn’t opened up and swallowed us for being such shitty guests. But we’re here, and we’re alive, and chances are you haven’t been embarrassed on live television in front of millions of people since this time last year. That’s gotta be worth something, right?

Ok, so maybe there’s no redeeming another year filled with disappointment. Why don’t you just cut your loses and enjoy this 15-minute video of news people looking stupid on TV before you start game-planning how you’ll fuck up your life in the coming solar cycle? You’ve got less than two weeks to burn through the rest of your karma before it resets on January 1, so don’t hold back. Really soak up all that schadenfreude in the montage below, which features a news anchor hitting a drum-playing armed service member with an airborne axe. Thanks 2015!

Jake O'Donnell

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