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Craig Carton Rips Into and Mocks Chris “Mad Dog” Russo

Craig Carton Rips Into and Mocks Chris “Mad Dog” Russo
  • Scott Engel

Chris Russo was “duped by a recording”

Earlier this week, Craig Carton of FNTSY Sports Network Radio called out Chris “Mad Dog” Russo about his ratings on MLB Network and satellite radio. Then, in a very unique turn of events, a caller phoned into Russo’s show and played a recording of Carton ranting about Russo. It appeared Russo did not know he was talking to a recording, which sets off Carton further to tear Mad Dog down.

Don’t miss the highlights here:

“He is now my recording’s bitch!”

“He’s Been in radio for 40 years, and actually had a conversation with a recording of me.”

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