Here's the Sailing And Windsurfing Venue For The 2016 Olympics (Watch Out For Human Corpses)

  • Rick Chandler

I’ve always wondered where the trash compactor from the Death Star dumped out.

This is Guanabara Bay in Rio De Janeiro, which has a slight image problem. According to the Global Post, between 80 and 100 tons of trash end up there every day. It’s where the sailing and windsurfing events are to be held in the ’16 Olympics, and it’s difficult to train there, as one might imagine. But there’s also this:

There’s also is the minor issue of human corpses.

Yes, that’s right, human corpses. Lars Grael, a Brazilian sailing legend who earned medals at the 1988 and 1996 Olympic Games, has encountered actual human corpses while training in Guanabara Bay.

Brazil has said that it would treat about 80 percent of their garbage, but the truth is closer to 20 percent — and the rest is dumped into, well, a dump. In the bay.

Grael, from a recent Q&A with Esporte Essencial (Translated from Portuguese):

“Worse than that, it has a very bad quality of water. It’s a postcard ugly. You are right that you can create screens to prevent the trash from the Olympic streak and will disrupt a boat, but still, looking at the quality of the water! In Guanabara Bay I’ve ever come across four times with corpses. Are you be browsing and spending side. Imagine that … a scene in the Olympics! God grant that this does not happen.”

But hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Rio has a World Cup to ruin before we get to the Olympics.