5 Takeaways From The New NBA 2K15 Trailer

  • Eric Goldschein

We’re getting ahead of ourselves a little bit — “Madden 15” hasn’t even dropped, but we’re already looking past football to basketball season and “NBA 2K15.” Blame it on the FIBA World Cup and all these crazy stories about old, retired big men coming back to the league and dudes rocking Starter gear.

It also helps that the trailer for the best basketball sim in the land dropped today — easily overshadowing the news that NBA Live ’15 will feature Damian Lillard on the cover. Now, there are a lot (read: a FUCKING LOT) of things wrong with the 2K franchise — I can’t even begin to explain how poorly written and executed the My Career mode is; the number of times a loose ball has bounced off my player’s back and out of bounds is beyond measure; the difficulty level fluctuates wildly for no apparent reason; kick balls are more common than dunks?; and many more — but it’s still the best series on the market, so, grin and bear it.

Plus, it gives us the closest thing we’ll see to a preview of the actual basketball season, which tips off in two months. Here are five takeaways from the two-minute trailer:

1. Andrew Wiggins is apparently still on the Cavaliers.

wiggins lebron

Obviously, this was mocked up back when Wiggins was still on the team, but we’ve “known” about the trade for a month… they couldn’t find a way to cut that bit?

2. The beard graphics look on point.

birdman beard

Birdman looks beastly. In a good way.

3. Otherwise, there still seems to be a lack of attention to detail

The 2K series gets most of the big things right. It’s the little things they screw up most often. Like, since when does Damian Lillard wear a headband? (UPDATE: He does as of next season, as pointed out in the comments. Oh. Well then. Points to the 2K guys.)


And you think maybe, for the game’s trailer, you could fix and/or not include glitches like the ball passing through the net?

lebron dunk

4. The Ernie/Shaq combo could be the best part of the game.

Don’t lie — you love it. YAKKEM.

5. 2K expects big things from Anthony Davis and Lance Stephenson this year.

Both Davis and Stephenson feature prominently here. Both of them get more screen time than Kobe, Carmelo or Blake Griffin, just to name a few. Most of us expect AD to take the leap and become a top-fiver soon, but should we also expect inflated numbers for the newest Hornet? We’ll have to see when individual player ratings are released in the near future.

BONUS TAKEAWAY: The 2K Sports guys are clearly stuck in the ’90s. The Red Hot Chili Peppers for the soundtrack? Really? (UPDATE: People are saying it’s Pharrell who made the call on the music. I don’t care. It’s still old as shit.)