A.J. McCarron’s Girlfriend Katherine Webb Struggles With Leno’s Trivia Questions On The Tonight Show

  • Jake O'Donnell

These things are probably half scripted, half moron-based. Regardless, these kind of things aren’t gonna win her any awards for, well, anything. Best case scenario she gets a Ryan Lochte-type show lampooning her own ignorance. Worst case scenario: Amanda Bynes.

Dating future NFL Quarterback A.J. McCarron probably won’t end up being a bad place for her to settle. Cause she sure ain’t getting a job writing for The New Yorker.

The model and former Miss Alabama became famous when ABC couldn’t get their cameras off her during the 2013 BCS Championship game. Then Brent Musberger went all oh-la-la-la over her and her fate as a C-list celebrity was sealed. Can’t say anyone really blames him as she is too hot for any of her intellectual shortcomings to matter at all.

Besides, she knew the three branches of government. That’s pretty good, right?

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