America: Is This The Worst Youth Football Coach Of All Time? (Video)

  • Dylan Murphy

43-year old Dion Robinson, an assistant coach for the West Park Saints, a southern Florida youth football team, was rather frustrated with referee Andrew Keigans during his team’s game over the weekend. Keigans had just called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Saints because Robinson “made a derogatory comment from the sidelines,” and the game’s head referee called the game early when Robinson ran onto the field. So how does any rational youth football coach react so such a turn of events? Even more anger.

Initially Saints coach Antonio Lane held back Robinson, and the referees began to walk away. But Robinson wriggled free and galloped/skipped/limped over to Keigans, blindsiding him with a left hand/fist to the face. And, in a rather fitting tribute, the ref’s hat falls off – an indication of illegal touching, per NFL rules.

(Skip to :25 for some good old fashioned youth football coach-referee violence.)

It looks more like an open-handed slap, but a violent one at that since it knocks Keigans down. Keigans, to his credit, walks away from the entire melee, both before the attack and directly afterwards.

So, we ask: Is this the worst youth football coach in America? Not only does he strike a referee in front of small children, but he makes repeated efforts to accomplish the task despite other people’s best judgment. Football! America! Roger Goodell!

[NBC Miami, via SB Nation]