Australian Rugby League Players Will Dress As Superheroes For Series Of Games Beginning Friday

  • Rick Chandler

Because Marvel Entertainment and its parent company, Disney, rule the world right now, even in far-flung desert islands such as Australia, we have these: NRL superhero jerseys.

These are mainly marketing items (every kid on every island in that part of the globe will be wearing one of them), but four National Rugby League teams (that’s Australia-New Zealand’s top league) will actually wear them for games as well. Wait, what? Yep.

At least I think that’s what this means:

The games played in early August, coined the Marvel Super Hero Round, will kick off on Friday, 1 August. On Saturday, 2 August, the Roosters play the Dragons where Captain America meets Iron Man.

This unique series of games will also feature a number of marvellous game day events, including character appearances, Marvel activities and half time entertainment.

The best part of this is the promotional video, in which different NRL players explain why superhero jerseys make perfect sense. One player says he relishes the chance to wear the Captain America jersey, because he’s “always wanted to be captain.” Okayyyy.

But the best one is the player who got into the character of Thor:

“My natural response on the field is to protect my family, to protect my brothers. They always know I’ll have their back. There’s no cause more worthy of fighting for than protecting what’s most important to you. Thor knows it, and so do I.”

That’s a stretch worthy of Mr. Fantastic.

Be sure to watch the last 30 seconds of this video, where words fail me.

But there are 16 NRL teams, are there not? Marvel superheroes available for the next round of jerseys:

* The Human Torch.

* She-Hulk.

* Ant Man.

* Daredevil.

* Dr. Xavier (wheelchair rugby only).