Big Party On Twitter In Celebration Of Bill O’Reilly’s Ouster From Fox

  • Rick Chandler


One can only imagine what longtime Bill O’Reilly nemesis Stephen Colbert will do tonight on CBS, but it can’t be much more celebratory than what’s happening on Twitter right now. As you know from the angels who appeared to you from on high, O’Reilly and Fox News have agreed to part ways today.

Translation: he’s out on his ass following sexual harassment allegations lodged by several women at the network.

O’Reilly had always thought he was bulletproof, owing to his show’s status as the highest-rated program on the network. But the New York Times reported recently that Fox has paid more than $13 million to five women to settle sexual harassment lawsuits. That caused more than 50 advertisers to jump ship — some switching to other Fox News programs, but others leaving the network entirely.

Fox doesn’t mind harboring an alleged serial groper if the ratings are good. But when money sprouts wings and escapes the building …

So according to Twitter, Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead.