Bodybuilder Loses Championship, So Of Course He Smacks The Judge And Whips Out His Penis

  • Rick Chandler


Greek bodybuilder Giannis Magos is the cheerful sort — always with a smile, except when he’s assaulting a competition judge and then exposing his own penis.

Magos, who won the 100kg division of the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup bodybuilding competition in Athens, thought that meant he would also be the overall champion. But when another competitor was declared overall champ, Magos flew into a rage — striking judge Armando Marquez and knocking him to the ground.

But that’s not all.

Yahoo7 News:

There are reports he then threw all the judges’ tables and then pulled out his penis. That part of the meltdown was not shown on video.

I see no possible way that this behavior could have anything to do with steroids.