Bryant Univ. Player Runs Out The Clock … With His Team Trailing By One

  • Rick Chandler


Thinking that his team was ahead by one point instead of behind, Bryant University freshman guard Ikenna Ndugba got the ball with four seconds remaining and dribbled out the clock (what?), denying his team a last shot and giving Brown a 91-90 win.

Bryant’s Nisre Zouzoua had hit a go-ahead 3-pointer to put his team up 90-89 with 11 seconds left. Brown’s Tavon Blackmon then drove for a layup (because no one played defense in this game) to give the Bears a 91-90 lead.

But with his teammates yelling for him to pass the ball, Ndugba instead dribbled toward the sideline until the buzzer sounded, then tossed the ball into the air in celebration.


Almost as confusing as Ndugba’s play at the end was Bryant head coach Tim O’Shea’s post-game quote:

“It was tough for us at the end, we misjudged the clock given the score, but a game like this will make us better going forward and we’ll have to turn our attention very quickly to Yale.”