Do Any Of The Other Doritos ‘Crash The Super Bowl’ Finalists Have A Shot At Beating The Weird Sexual One?

  • Eric Goldschein

doritos finger cleaner

Since 2007, professionals who want to win a million dollars fans have been creating and submitting their best 30-second Doritos ad for the annual “Crash The Super Bowl” competition. This year’s crop of finalists has been announced, and we have until Jan. 29 to vote for our favorite submissions. Out of the five finalists, two will be aired during the Super Bowl — one chosen by Doritos, the other by fans in an online poll (this winner also receives the $1 million grand prize).

So what does the field look like this year? According to AdWeek, the heavy favorite is this weird, sexual submission from some dudes in Australia. It’s also, for the record, quite funny — if you’re into this sort of thing:


Most underrated part of this one: The guy feeding Doritos to the other dude, for some reason.

Do any of the other submissions have a shot at dethroning this discomforting masterpiece? Here’s our darkhorse pick, which is easily the most clever of the bunch:


While the next three are varying degrees of funny and cute, they may not have the moxie to beat out “Time Machine” or “Finger Cleaner.” That is, unless a huge groundswell of support changes the tide. Check them out and tell us — and Doritos — what you think.