Floyd Mayweather’s British Tour Off To Great Start — Local Mob Firebombs His Custom Van

  • Rick Chandler


Floyd Mayweather is on a British tour for some reason — visiting a variety of cities, shopping, and, I don’t know, addressing Parliament?

Mostly what he seems to be doing is pissing off the locals. During a visit to Birmingham’s 101 Night Club on Saturday night, he invited a bunch of women to the private VIP lounge, but barred their boyfriends from entering. Later, at Mayweather’s hotel at about 3 in the morning, a gang firebombed his custom travel van. We don’t need Scotland Yard to figure out the connection. The Sun:

“Offenders smashed the window of the vehicle, a people carrier, before pouring accelerant inside and setting it alight. Enquiries into the fire, which caused extensive damage to the vehicle belonging to a guest, are currently on-going and police are examining CCTV from the area. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.”

Actually two of Mayweather’s vehicles were hit.

“On Saturday a few of the girls who were asked to join him in the booth had boyfriends and the lads weren’t allowed in.

“The girls went to spend the evening with Mayweather anyway and as you can imagine their boyfriends weren’t happy about it.

“It turns out they were a local mob and the next thing they knew one car had been petrol bombed and the other had a brick thrown through the window.”

Here’s what we think is behind Mayweather’s trip to England: It’s a publicity tour to hype a possible fight with Conor McGregor, but this is as close to Ireland as Mayweather dares to come. He’s too afraid to actually set foot there, where this incident would be a valentine.